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MLMH Style Guide

Guest blog by MLMH team member Katrina

I’ve always had a passion for fashion…and mullets

If you’re in our Surviving Motherhood group you already know that I and lots of other moms enjoy showing off our MLMH’s clothing and the different way we style and put together outfits. For me, I’ve always loved clothing and creating together unique & fun outfits. I love bright colors and patterns, but most importantly I love feeling cute & comfortable at the same time.

United we Mom tee and Anthropologie skirt. Also pictured: my stylist

The first tip I wanna share is the “high-low”
outfit. This is when you pair something expensive with something affordable. Two of my favorite brands are Anthropologie and of course Mom Life Must Haves. Unlike MLMH, Anthropologie is not very budget-friendly. A great way around this is shopping in BST Facebook groups. I very rarely purchase new in-store items from Anthropologie (and when I do, it’s because of a great sale). Almost all of my favorite pieces were found in a consignment store or in a Facebook group. You can search for any brand and there’s a group selling items at a discounted rate.

MLMH sunflower tank & cardigan, Old Navy skirt & Madden Girl flower heels

I think layering is a great way to dress up a tee or tank. I was so excited when Gina decided to release cardigans. Not only does a cardigan dress up a tee – but it also allows you to wear your favorite tank year-round. In the fall/winter I live in cardigans, booties, and my favorite MLMH tees. Shoes are another big one for me. You pair a MLMH tee with jeans and a pink flat and you’ve got yourself a chic and comfy outfit.

MLMH United we Mom tee, Target jeans, and JustFab sandals

Colored jeans are a game-changer. Whenever I want to use the least amount of effort, but look as if I spent a lot of time putting myself together, I throw on a pair of pink jeans. My go-to for jeans is American Eagle, Old Navy, and Target.

At the end of the day, you have to wear and do what makes you happy, mama! I think that’s one of the reasons I love MLMH so much; there’s always something for everyone and Gina’s clothing is comfortable & cute.

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