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Cozy up with Carrot Cake Coffee

September’s Flavor of the month is Carrot Cake!

We’ve done the obligatory pumpkin fall flavor, and wanted to step up our autumn game to keep our coffee club subscribers on their toes! To find out exactly how we arrived at Carrot Cake as our September flavor of the month, read the back story by our founder, here.

We’ve heard from a couple of our community members about how they were totally taken by surprise, even skeptical when they opened their September Coffee Club subscription box. But once they brewed their first cup (of many!), they were hooked. The Carrot Cake flavor in this month’s box is rich with flavors of nutmeg, vanilla, and cinnamon! When you brew this baby your home will be transformed with the sweet aroma of fall.

Delicious treats to pair with your Carrot Cake:

  • Buttery Espresso Shortbread Cookies – these little pieces of heaven really go well with any flavor of coffee.
  • Macaroons – these are super fun to make and everyone in your house with thank you. If you’re not in the baking mood we recommend these.
  • Pumpkin Flavored English Muffins with butter – this was MLMH team member Rachel’s suggestion.
  • MLMH community member Kate T. said the only thing you need with your cup of Carrot Cake coffee is more Carrot Cake cold brew.
    • Follow this post in our MLMH Facebook community for more ideas!

How are people enjoying this month’s flavor?

  • Coffee Cake Creamer – This was a community favorite with last month’s Pumpkin Pecan Praline, and it’s back! The rich and buttery vanilla flavor paired with cinnamon is perfect for pairing with our Carrot Cake coffee.
  • Cold brew with almond caramel creamer – Michelle S. said she brews up her Carrot Cake in her cold brew pitcher and adds just a splash of almond creamer to enhance the vanilla and nutmeg flavors.
  • Caramel creamer – Shelby H. said this her go-to and one of her favorites. This is a great suggestion for anyone that likes that sweet start to the morning.
  • Toasted Marshmallow Skinny Syrup: Kayla T. said she was excited to try this sugar-free option. We’re big fans of the drizzle on top AND mixing it in.

What is the word on the MLMH street about Carrot Cake Coffee?

  • “Carrot Cake iced coffee…umm yes freaking please! Gina, you nailed it again.” – Laura C.
  • “Oh my gosh, yum! This is my favorite flavor yet – I have mine with cinnamon sugar toast.” – Laura C.
  • ” You guys it’s so good! Gina, I have no idea how you do it but you slay it every month,” – Dawn A.
  • “We brewed up a half a pot and whoa – it’s so good! My husband texted me from work to ask what kind this was.” – Alicia B.
This month’s subscriber-only mug with a big ‘ole cup of Carrot Cake coffee Photo credit: @crazylifewithlittles

Exclusives for Coffee Club Subscribers

As a Coffee Club subscriber, you not only get access to the Founder’s Flavor of the Month, you also get a chance to shop Surviving Motherhood Coffee exclusive merchandise, not available to the general public. This month’s exclusive item: the perfect-for-fall matte orange mug!

Skip the FOMO and don’t miss your opportunity to join the club.  We’ve added a new waitlist feature that notifies you the second that coffee club spots open.

Click here to join the wait list

While you wait for signups shop all Surviving Motherhood Coffee and Tea here!

More FAQs? Shoot Gina a text or join the community! And if you haven’t joined yet,  click here to join our community on Facebook!

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