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Brands we love: Meet brightbox

Today on our brands we love series I have the most ahhhh-dorable brand to share with you, meet: Brightbox!

Have you ever wanted to make a mama friend smile but didn’t want to spend $60+ on flowers or an edible arrangement? More than likely your answer is YES because I know I sure have. When I was introduced to Brightbox all I could think about was how many times over the years I wish I had something like this to send to a friend who needed a little smile. Whether is be to celebrate an engagement or a new house or something as difficult as honoring a pregnancy loss, this simple sentiment can go a long way.

Here’s how it works:

For only $5 you choose one goodie (such as the druzy earrings or bath bomb) and one sweet treat (hello gummy bears!), plus a mini quote card and personalized message. Shipping is under $3 and they guarantee to ship next business day! Here’s a peek from their website:

Brands we love: meet brightboxes on the blog at // simple, fun and cheap gifting!

They recently introduced the man box, which you can see here.

If you aren’t already following along with them on Instagram, here’s another reason to love them: Shea (the mama behind the brand) often posts simple service ideas on her insta-stories. Her suggestions are adorable and always make me want to pay it forward. Click here to read her story, and then head on over to Instagram and follow them here. Word on the street is we’ve got a giveaway coming up soon!

Brands we love: meet brightboxes on the blog at // simple, fun and cheap gifting!

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