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Surviving Motherhood Coffee & Tea Secret Menu Items

Surviving Motherhood Secret Menu Items

You don’t have to leave the fate of your coffee in the hands of strangers! Consistently delicious coffee right in the comfort of your own home is just a few clicks away, and to kick things up a notch team MLMH has decided to share some of their secret menu items! Whether you’re a Surviving Motherhood Coffee regular or haven’t yet tried it, this post includes a variety of fun coffee and tea creations, with a little something for everyone!

Surviving Motherhood secret menu items

Homemade Medicine Ball Tea

Our first secret menu item is one of Gina’s favorite. She created this recipe and not long after it became a team MLMH fav! Not only is it the perfect go-to if you’re feeling under the weather, and especially if you need to soothe a sore throat, but it contains our herbal sundown blend which makes it great for sipping on before bed!


Directions: Combine both teaspoons of tea into your brew basket or tea bag and brew as you normally would. If you’re new to brewing tea, there are quite a few methods! We love the Ninja Coffee Bar because it comes with both a coffee and a tea basket, but coming in for a close second is this reusable silicone tea bag. If you’re brewing using the tea bag you’ll want to fill it with tea, place it in the bottom of your mug and pour the boiling water over top. Steep for 2-3 minutes, squeeze and add lemon juice or wedge to your mug, stir in the honey and enjoy! When drinking tea, if you prefer a stronger flavor we recommend adding more tea, not extending the steep time.  

Chocolate Peanut Butter Coffee

Make sure you thank Jamie next time you’re at MLMH HQ for this Peanut Butter deliciousness! If you’re a fan of peanut butter cups, this one is for you!


Directions: Pour 1/2 serving of your favorite hot cocoa into your mug, add freshly brewed Peanut Butter Dream Coffee, and top off with whipped cream! If you want an extra touch, sprinkle with cocoa powder, PB2 powder, or mini chocolate chips!

Surviving Motherhood Secret Menu

Girl Scout Cookie Coffee

Your favorite cookie in the form of a caffeinated beverage? Yes please! This decadent recipe is courtesy of MLMH team member Rachel. 


Directions:  Combine half Cookie Dough and half Mint Chocolate coffees into your coffee maker and brew as you normally would. Add a splash of Chobani Sizzlin’ Brown Sugar Creamer, and top off with some frothed Chobani Sweet Cream! If you’re new to frothing, let us make it easy on you with these coffee frothers! You can make both a hot and/or cold foam simply by frothing your favorite creamer at the temperature of your choice (heat first, froth second if you’d prefer it warm!) You can even add a little sprinkle of cocoa powder or cinnamon sugar atop the froth to complete this masterpiece!

Brown Sugar Coffee

Finally, we have Angela’s flavorful Brown Sugar Coffee! If you’re someone who enjoys a darker roast but also wants to enjoy the variety of flavors we offer, this one is for you! Brewing your coffee with half dark roast and half flavored coffee will give you the best of both worlds!


Directions:  Brew 2 scoops of each coffee flavor, and top off with your favorite frothed creamer.  This creation can be enjoyed hot or iced! If you want to kick the sweetness up a notch, swirl the inside of your tumbler with this brown sugar syrup before filling with ice! 

Be Your Own Barista

We would LOVE to hear what you’ve created in your own kitchens! Come on over to our Facebook community and share those secret menu items with us! And ICYMI: check out our Be Your Own Barista Blog for more easy and creative ways to up your at-home barista game.   

Surviving Motherhood Secret Menu

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