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The Best Irish Cream Coffee at Home

Many of you were feeling super lucky to have discovered that this month’s coffee club flavor was Irish Cream! Even if you aren’t an Irish Cream coffee fan, don’t disappear yet – hear us out! If you are a fan, you know that Irish Cream is one of those flavors that has to be spot on, there is no wiggle room for flavor varieties in this one. We are super happy to hear the feedback you’ve shared so far!

“Literally screamed opening this month’s flavor cause it’s my favorite in general. Good pick girls!” – Ashley R.

I just got mine today and I squeezed the bag right away to smell it, SO good!” – Melissa S.

“Obsessed! Going to need to stock up on this flavor!” – Kayla T.

Speaking of stocking up on this month’s coffee flavor…

In case you missed the news, we’ve gone ahead and extended the option to purchase last month’s flavor for our new members! This means if you sign up to get next month’s flavor today, (or anytime by the 10th of April) you’ll be able to order this month’s Irish Cream flavor shortly thereafter. Each new subscriber gets a box full of goodies with their first shipment, and inside it comes a postcard with all the details on how to access our members-only shop — this is where you’ll find those past flavors!

Let’s get back to how to make the best coffee at home!

If you are someone who’s looking to transition from drive-thru to at home brews, the first step in delicious at home coffee is getting the right setup. We are big fans of the Ninja Coffee Bar because it has SO many capabilities. You can brew both coffee and tea hot, iced, cold brew and multiple sizes. If you’re more of a cold brew on the regular type person, the Toddy Cafe is a must have (restocking soon)! With the Toddy you can brew a large batch of cold brew concentrate (vs. the Ninja that brews by the cup, tumbler or carafe. Either way, these are our two favorite brewing methods for busy moms!

How to kick your Irish Cream coffee up a notch

Now that you know our favorite brewing methods, let’s chat about the perfect mix-ins for Irish Cream!

  • Silk ‘ The Sweet Oat Latte One’ – This one adds just a touch of creamy sweetness and is one we love to keep on hand at all times. It’s also very similar to sweet creams we’ve tried previously!
  • Chobani ‘Paddy’s Lucky Batch’ – Think chocolate mint cookie meets coffee creamer. This one seems to be a unicorn and hard to find, but all the searching is worth it when you try it paired with Irish Cream. If you have a Stop & Shop or Giant grocery store in your area, that’s where we have had the most luck. This pairing is perfection and for sure a community favorite!
  • Coffeemate ‘Natural Bliss Chocolate’ – If you’re a chocolate fan, this was our favorite for rich & creamy. But grab your favorite brand of chocolate creamer and blend it into your mug for a super decadent treat!

To add the perfect in-cafe touch at home, you can use your frother to blend up a hot or cold foamed topping. Dairy blends best, non-dairy will just take a bit longer to froth – OR add a big dollop of whipped cream! If you want a little something to top that foam or whipped cream with we love a chocolate syrup drizzle, or shake of cocoa powder or cinnamon. Don’t have cocoa powder? A little bit of hot cocoa works just as well!

For more fun ideas for brewing the best at home, we rounded up Team MLMH’s favorite secret menu items! You can see our Surviving Motherhood Coffee & Tea creations here. We’d love to know how you’re being your own barista at home, share with us in the comments below or over in our community!

Be your own barista!

Our Founder’s Favorite Coffee Club is such a fun way to make really delicious coffee, at home! You can join us for only $14.99 or add on a club-exclusive drinkware item! Each month we’ll ship a brand new and freshly roasted surprise flavor right to your doorstep! Come on over and see what other moms are saying about the coffee club here!

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