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What I Love Wednesday: The Best Remembrance Gifts

It’s time for another What I Love Wednesday and this week I had no plans to run through all the feels with you, but hey, here we are! I shared a quick picture of a book that I gave my grandparents a few years back and got a bunch of DMs about where/how to find it. For whatever reason, this week I’ve been thinking a lot about those that I love and have lost, including my grandpa and brother, so here are a few things I am loving right now!

  1. Tell Me Your Memories bookThis is the book I shared on my insta stories, they have lots of versions, including a grandma one, mom, dad and more. I bought these as gifts for my grandparents a few years back and they’re supposed to fill out one page a day and return the following year. It really is a great way to get to know your family history, but even more it’s a great way to remember these loved ones long after they’re gone. The best gifts for remembering loved ones. Remembrance gifts  @
  2. Meaningful jewelry.  Two pieces of jewelry that I love are both pieces of remembrance. One is a necklace I had made with flower petals from my brother’s funeral, the other is a bracelet I received as a gift with my grandpa’s initials and meaningful stones. The best gifts for remembering loved ones. Remembrance gifts  @ momlifemusthaves.comThis bracelet is from Bodhi Nyx and you can read more about it hereThis is not the best shot of the necklace I had made, but it’s beautiful and was made from rose petals from my brother’s funeral. This one was custom made by Rose Keepsake Co. Even if your loved one has long passed, it would be nice to make their favorite flowers into beads, or even something from a garden they once grew!
  3. Handwriting gifts. The book I mentioned above has become my favorite thing to browse, and because of it I’ve been able to turn my grandpa’s handwriting into gifts. One gift to myself was a tattoo of his words, you’ve probably seen before if you follow along with my Instagram. Also, I was able to turn his words into a pillowcase for my extended family this past year. It was probably my favorite gift to give! I made these myself but there are many shops on Etsy who can do something similar. The best gifts for remembering loved ones. Remembrance gifts  @

That’s a wrap! I hope you loved this quick rundown, and another reminder why these are the days. This is my absolute favorite thing to remind myself, because time passes so quickly. Soak it up, mama! Until next week, xo.

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